Ross County Authorities Use Social Media to Get Information in Death Investigation

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Ross County investigators are still piecing together how a Chillicothe woman ended up dead in a creek. Thirty-year-old Tameka Lynch was found four days after her husband reported her missing.

On Wednesday, Ross County Sheriff George Lavender started a Facebook page specifically to get more information on the Lynch death investigation.

Those who knew Tameka Lynch said they're hoping they will soon know how their loved one died.

Patti Gessells said she considered Tameka Lynch one of her kids. She's known the 30-year-old mother since she was in junior high.

She said they've always been close; in fact, Gessells recently opened her home to her.

Gessells said Tameka Lynch hasn't stayed at her home since May 3.  On May 20, Lynch's husband filed a police report, in it he tells police he hasn't seen or heard from his wife since Friday May 16, when she left to go to the area of N. Bridge and Water streets to meet someone.

On May 24, investigators said kayakers discovered Lynch's body lying on a sandbar in Paint Creek, about 20 miles from Chillicothe.

Gessells said she fears her friend was killed, but investigators said there were no obvious signs she was harmed. Investigators said it will be weeks before they have the results of an autopsy and know the cause of the death. 

 Meanwhile, investigators in Chillicothe are searching for another missing woman, Charlotte Trego, was last seen on May 3.

Trego's mother tells 10TV her daughter and Tameka Lynch knew each other, but police say at this point they do not believe the cases are connected.