Rocker Alice Cooper "Slides" Into White Castle Hall Of Fame

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Alice Cooper is known for being an outrageous rocker with hits like "No More Mr. Nice Guy."

White Castle officials must think he's nice guy and an outrageous eater.

The rock star visited the Columbus headquarters of White Castle Monday afternoon where he was inducted into the "Craver Hall of Fame."

The "hall of fame" honors 177 people for their fandom of the classic little burgers.

Cooper says they are always a must-have when he's on tour.

"When you're on the road, you live at different restaurants," said Alice Cooper.  "And anyone that knows my band knows that if we're on this side of the Mississippi and we pass a White Castle, we stop."

Cooper is already in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame for hits including "Eighteen" and "Schools Out."

In fact, he's the first person to be enshrined into both the Rock Hall and the Craver Hall.

You can see Alice Cooper perform Tuesday night along with Motley Crue at the Schottenstein Center.