Robbers Hold Gun To Man’s Head, Takes Cash


A man lost more than his paycheck when armed robbers held a gun to his head on refugee road in southeast Columbus.

Will Wallace is cherishing the time he gets to spend with his family, especially after what happened late Monday morning.

“I was walking on my way back from getting groceries and cashing my check,” Wallace said.

Wallace said that he was walking from that Kroger when he came by this bus stop and noticed a group of guys here. He didn't think much of it at the time and kept on walking.

“Then four of them followed me and I gave them a cigarette and next thing I know two of them put me on the ground and one cocked a gun at my head,” Wallace said.

Wallace said that he lay there, not sure what would happen next.

“I hoped they didn't pull the trigger and they just take the money and leave me alone and hopefully they didn't look to see where I was walking to because I didn't want them to know where I live so they can do more torture than they already did,” Wallace said.

Besides the emotional impact, will said that the crooks took $100 from him. Money meant to support his girlfriend and her two-month-old baby.

“To some people it's not that much money but to me it was,” Wallace said. “That could have went to diapers, rent to food and now I don't know what we're going to do. It's just really hard on me.”

Columbus police were investigating.

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