Robber Attacks Columbus Hotel Clerk As Cameras Roll

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An aggressive robber at East Columbus Hawthorne Suites held the clerk at gunpoint and demands money.

The clerk on duty at the time was Treshon Aaron.

"Basically he came in like a regular customer, asking for the room rates and everything," said Aaron.

However, the suspect was not looking for a night’s stay at the hotel.

Aaron explains what happened when he reached for the suspect’s ID to book a room - "That's when he pulled out the gun and told me he... just saying crazy things. Telling me he was going to kill me, give him the money and everything like that."

The clerk frantically fumbled with a key to get the drawer open. In the surveillance video, the suspect is seen climbing over the counter to reach for the cash himself, while the whole time holding the gun to Aaron’s head.

"Right before he pulled it out, he said 'I'm sorry I'm going to have to do this.' And once he said this, I was like what are you talking about? He just pulled it out then he was like 'Give me the money before I blow your brains out. I'm going to kill you. Hurry up. I'm going to shoot you, basically rushing me to get the money."

Aaron says the whole thing played out so quickly, it's hard to remember the details, but he does recall the suspect was wearing a navy baseball hat.

Hotel security is looking over exterior surveillance cameras to see if they can tell what car the suspect took off in.

As Aaron heads back to work he returns with hesitation for his night shifts.

"Nervous, a little bit to open, just for anyone that late at night now."

Columbus Police officers are investigating to see if that same suspect is wanted in other aggravated robberies.

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