Roads Still Not Clear In Some Columbus Neighborhoods


Ten days after Central Ohio's first major snowfall this season and many side streets are still covered with ice and snow.

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman recently asked his Twitter followers to call 311 with their complaints.

Clintonville resident Justin Acome walks to and from work, but his typical commute is a leap of faith these days.

“I mean, you can see here really. It's just kind of an inch to three inches of polished ice, so it's kind of terrifying,” said Acome.

Aaron Epting said he was finally able to drive up his street for the first time today, rather than coming from the other direction and sliding down.

“Our intersection right over here is pretty slick. My brother-in-law just slid through it the other day, and I almost slid onto Weber yesterday,” said Epting.

From December 26 through Friday, officials said they have received 528 calls about icy streets to the city's 311 system. They say they will dispatch crews to determine whether they should be treated with salt.

Columbus public safety officials said they dispatch plow trucks to residential areas once four inches of snow falls, but they can't go down to bare pavement.

When the temperature is below 20 degrees, city officials said salt has no effect, so the recent bitterly cold weather ruled out that option to treat the streets.

At this rate, Acome said he expects warmer temperatures to come to the rescue in his neighborhood before a plow truck does.

“It's kind of a sad joke when you hear on the radio that plows are still out and you know, I assume they're on 270 because they're not on High Street and they're not on Indianola,” said Acome.

The city of Columbus has 66 snow plows to treat the roads, and public safety officials say they are working to cover the city evenly and service calls have been steadily dropping off in recent days.

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