RNC Chair Looks Ahead To Future Elections After 2012 Defeat

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The chairman of the Republican National Committee told 10TV’s Jim Heath on Wednesday that Gov. John Kasich’s reelection next year is a critical test for the GOP.

Chairman Reince Priebus said that he is looking forward to future elections.

"It's important for our party, but the most important thing is that it's good for Ohio," Priebus said. "He's bucked the trend nationally. As the unemployment rate kept rising and rising nationally, governor Kasich was putting things in place to improve Ohio. Our Republican governors, especially in the Midwest, have done an incredible job in keeping their fiscal house in order,” Priebus said.

Even with a prolonged GOP primary campaign last year, Priebus said Republicans did not have enough time to organize against president Obama.

"I think Mitt Romney ran a pretty good six month campaign," Priebus said. "The problem for Mitt Romney is that the other side ran a really good four year campaign. I really think we've entered into the world of permanent politics.  Constantly campaigning in the communities in a real granular level and I think that's the future for our Party."

Priebus said Republicans will continue to look at changing the way electoral votes are distributed in big swing states, even while Kasich yesterday dismissed the idea.

"I think states will make the decisions for themselves," Priebus said. "It's certainly nothing that we're pushing.  But I know it's been discussed out there and ultimately it's a decision for governors and legislatures across America."

Priebus says in wake of the second straight presidential loss, the national GOP is reviewing a plan to attract more women, Latino and younger voters.

"Having metrics in communities with community leaders from those communities over a long period of time, then, and only then, can you see long term results that will make a difference in a presidential election."

One of the enduring images from the Republican National Convention was the empty chair used on stage by actor Clint Eastwood.

"In fact I do know where that chair is, it's in my office," Priebus said. "I got it from the convention and I put it in my office and we're happy to have it there."

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