RITA Extends Filing Deadline Amid Tech Glitches


After the website for the Regional Income Tax Agency crashed over the weekend, officials announced Tuesday that the filing deadline would be pushed back for a week.

"For those who have been unable to connect with the Agency, tax filings postmarked or electronically transmitted by Monday, April 21, by 12:00 midnight will not be assessed penalty or interest for late filing," RITA announced in a statement.

The agency blames "unprecedented demand" online.

"The Agency is further continuing its efforts to expand access to meet this extraordinary request for contact," said the statement.

Joe Stefanov, city manager for New Albany and a board member of RITA, says the agency will take a close look at what happened so it can be prevented in the future.

Cities scrambled to tell taxpayers what was happening throughout tax day.

"Each year the number of people who have filed online increases so we know it's the wave of the future," said Deborah Miller from the City of Powell.  "We'll just have to take this into account when we look at next year and what needs to be done."

IRS officials estimate that 85 percent of Americans now file their federal taxes online.