Ridgemont Parents On Edge After Threat To School District

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Some parents chose to keep their children home from a "field day" after an alleged threat to the Ridgemont Local School District.

"There's a lot of parents that didn't send their kids,” said Alexis Hilyard, a mother of three.

Hilyard's kids are too young to take part in field day, but she kept them home from school anyway.

She says she didn't want to take the risk after the district said a threat was made.

"You never know what the person is thinking,” Hilyard said.  

Hardin County Sheriff Keith Everhart tells 10TV his deputies searched the athletic fields Friday morning and found no evidence of a credible threat.

Deputies maintained a presence at the fields throughout the field day activities.

"With all of the information that we had, we felt that it was safe to continue,” said Emmy Beeson, Superintendent of Ridgemont Local Schools. “I would not have made that decision if I had believed kids were in danger."

Beeson says the district first called parents about a threat Thursday night.

She says the district called again Friday morning after field day was deemed safe to continue.

"I am a mom and so making decisions about other people's kids' safety is very important to me,” Beeson said.

Hilyard says she wishes the district had given more specifics about the threat in its phone calls.

Instead, she heard reports on social media.

"Just as anything else, social media turns into a gossip frenzy and before you know it, you don't know what the truth is,” Hilyard said.

But Beeson says she didn't have any specifics to give.

What both sides can agree upon--something had to be done.

"You never know. You've got to take these things serious,” Hilyard said.

The Hardin County sheriff's office says there is not enough criminal evidence to file charges against the student who allegedly made the threat.