Rickenbacker Continues To Provide Alternative For Columbus Travelers


Rickenbacker is not your typical airport and that is what many people love about it.

“Just a lot easier to get through, not the chaos, and the lines – simpler to park,” said passenger Michelle Wilson. "It's not so congested, it's non-stop security is like a breeze to get through it's in and out.”

Rickenbacker is often over shadowed by Port Columbus as a place to catch a flight. But savvy travelers are learning the airport is a cost effective alternative.

A couple from Orlando told 10TV that the prices brought them to Rickenbacker.

Allegiant Air is the latest airline to offer flights to three Florida cities - Tampa, Orlando, and Punta Gorda.

While other airlines have started here and failed, the airport authority argues it wasn't because of lack of travelers.

“In every single case, the carrier has left unexpectedly or suddenly, it's been a case of the airline failing the market and in no case has the market failed the airline - none,” explained David Whitacker, VP Business and Development.

Rickenbacker is twice the size of Port Columbus, allowing it to handle wide-body cargo planes, with the hope it will attract larger companies to business here.

Yoga apparel maker Lulu Lemon selected the Groveport airport as its first Eastern U.S. distribution operation, adding 170 jobs to the area.

The hope is other companies will follow.

With more people slowly discovering Rickenbacker as place to fly and help distribute their products, it appears there's only one way to go but up for the airport that's starting to make a name for itself.