Reynoldsburg Woman Claims Cable Installer Rummaged Through Her Underwear

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A woman says she spotted a local cable guy rummaging through her underwear drawer. WOW Cable is now investigating their employee.

Police are not involved, but WOW Cable confirms they pulled the installer from visiting other homes.

Summer Tinsley says she was working from home Friday. She claims the WOW Cable employee asked her personal questions about whether any men lived in the house. Tinsley believes the tech opened up her closed bedroom door while she was downstairs. Tinsley says she caught the tech rummaging through her underwear and jewelry drawers.

Tinsley explains, “I don’t know if he - what he was looking for, if he was just trying to rummage through the drawers while I was downstairs to see what he could find, but the one I caught him in was the underwear drawer. I felt like I was being violated because I'm here by myself, and he would not get out of my home."

WOW Cable confirms they launched an internal investigation after the woman called to complain. That employee was taken off of further service calls. The company did not identify the employee.

WOW Cable refused to say whether the employee is on leave, suspended, or faces any punishment. WOW Cable also says all employees go through background checks. They declined to answer any more questions about their background check process, calling it an internal policy.

Tinsley decided not to get police involved. Her advice is to have another person in your home when you invite a service person inside, especially if you're busy or distracted.