Reynoldsburg Training Focuses On School Attack On Campus

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Reynoldsburg Police, and other area emergency responders, prepared students at the Reynoldsburg High School Summit Campus for a potential shooting incident at their school.

The Multi-Agency Response Training was designed to show both students and staff what it would look like if law enforcement had to respond to an incident at the school.

The scenario for the drill was a man, near the cafeteria, with a gun.

A "controlled explosion" was used to represent a shot fired inside the school.

Emergency personnel raced to the scene as students were evacuated.

As officers made their way inside the school, they crossed paths with students who were hurt, and in pain, as they searched for an active shooter.

MedFlight landed outside to take wounded students to area hospitals.

Reynoldsburg police say if there was an incident at the school, the drill on Friday resembled what a coordinated response would look like.

The department says it hopes students understand what it takes to keep them safe.

“We're hoping they see how the safety drill is supposed to work,” said Lt. Ron Wright with the Reynoldsburg Police Department.“We are hoping that they know their evacuation routes and how to evacuate quickly and safely. We are letting them see confidence in their first responders that they are there for them and they are there for the community to keep them safe"

It’s a lesson that students say they get.

"I've learned that composure is a very significant part of the evacuation process," said student Ayanna Burton.

"They take these things like super serious and we should follow whatever we are supposed to do and know how we are supposed to respond to stuff like this,” said Samantha Buck.