Reynoldsburg Students Walk To Raise Awareness For African Water, AIDS Crisis


Imagine children having to carry buckets of water every day to keep their family alive.

That is the harsh reality for millions of children in parts of Africa every day.

And that is a lesson high school seniors in Reynoldsburg learned firsthand on Friday.

Encore Academy students walked to raise awareness of the water and HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa.

The seniors walked four miles to show a small-scale representation of how difficult it is for people to retrieve water.

The students carried water in bottles and buckets for miles to fill in Blacklick Creek.
Senior Brandon Stith presented the idea for the walk.

He says through the walk, students realize that they can make a difference.

Stith says the students can raise awareness through walking and retrieving water.

“(Knowing) that they have the responsibility to help redeem bad things in other countries with no politics or religion involved,” he said.

Encore students, who are a part of the arts and communication academy, will reuse the water bottles in an art sculpture at the end of the year.

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