Reynoldsburg Police Pull Dare Officer Out Of Schools

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The new administration at the Reynoldsburg Police Department has decided to implement term limits for its school resource officer.

Concerned parents and students planned to attend the Reynoldsburg City Council meeting on Monday night to try to prevent Officer Katherine Mielke from returning to patrol duty – something she has not done in nearly five years.

Students were not the only ones who have become accustomed to Mielke.

“She’s got just a way with them, and I will have a son who will be a freshman next year, and when you see her, I felt better about him moving on,” said mother Marla Royce.

Royce said that she was one of several parents who have signed a petition that has circulated in Reynoldsburg to keep Mielke as a school resource officer.

“She has an incredible rapport with the kids,” Royce said.

Mielke worked as a resource officer at the Reynoldsburg High School, located on Livingston Avenue, for three years. She moved to the school’s Summit Road campus when the new school opened two years ago.

With the new term limits, Mielke’s last day at the school will be Jan. 4.

Royce said that she hoped the parents’ petition and their presence at the city council meeting would make a difference.

“To keep her in the schools, to keep her where everyone would like to keep her,” Royce said.

A lieutenant with the police department said that the term limits are now for all non-patrol positions, including seven detectives.

Department officials said that the term limits allow for more training, keeps new fresh faces in non-patrol petitions and create career opportunities.

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