Reynoldsburg Church Promotes 'Random Acts of Easter'

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It’s a simple sign – but it says so much. 

The words:  “Be Kind Today.”

And those signs are now dotting neighborhood lawns all over the Columbus area.

"We're calling them random acts of Easter, which morphed into ‘be kind today’ in an effort to show and share the love of God to people who live around us in the community," said Jeff Greenway, the lead pastor at the Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church.

Greenway says it all started with a challenge to his parishioners at the start of the Lenten season leading up to Easter.

"The response from the congregation has been overwhelming - people have been very excited to participate in it,” Greenway said.

"I just wanted to serve and be able to help people," said Taryn Moyer, who attends RUMC.

She says her kids, Addison and Caden, are also doing their part to caring neighbors.   

"Addison actually helped one of her little friends,” Moyer said. “We surprised them after her surgery and bought them ice cream and a balloon – and it was all Addison’s idea.”

Moyer says she also helped provide meals for a whole month to a neighbor who is struggling with medical and financial problems.

"It's something they don't expect, it's random,” she said, adding, “It's just to be able to bless them in their day and serve them."

Jeff Greenway says the movement does not end with Easter Sunday.

"We're doing this because we want to be great neighbors to the community around us, to show the community that we love them - God loves them - and that there's a purpose for all of our lives.”