Restaurants Ask For Liquor Licenses In Traditionally Dry Area Of Clintonville

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Mozart's Bakery and Piano Cafe and the Global Gallery both have options on the May primary ballot to get  liquor permits.

But both are located in traditionally dry areas of Clintonville.

The owner of Mozart's, located at 4784 North High St., said the permit would allow his business to grow.

"I think it brings class and value to what my business is all about,” said Anand Saha.

At Global Gallery down the road at 3535 North High St., the idea of adding beer and wine is something clients have wanted and officials say it’s impossible to sell under the current regulations.

"We can't even get a temporary liquor permit because of the current coding,” said Connie DeJong, the executive director of Global Gallery.

Researchers say a survey of homeowners in the areas involved found 204 said they would vote yes, while 18 said no to allowing liquor at the businesses.

Some said that they fear that if the businesses fail, their licenses could be sold to bars or drive-through liquor stores.

But some like Clintonville's Maria Kozelek hopes to let the liquor flow.

"It will help bring other small business here which would be great for the urban economics to Clintonville,” she said.

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