Restarting Your Exercise Program From the YMCA


Gotten off track recently exercise wise? Whether you are getting back to the gym after a weeklong break or a few months hiatus, it can be tough to get back on track. Using a few tips can be very effective in getting back on track and staying there!

Set Realistic Goals. Only commit to what is sustainable. If you only have time to get to the gym three days a week, don’t over commit and try to go six days a week. This will only lead to you feeling burnt out and disliking exercise.

Manage Your Time. By managing your time more efficiently, you will feel less stressed and your exercise routine will become more sustainable. Ways to accomplish this are preparing your lunch/dinner the night before and packing your gym bag before you go to bed.

Plan Ahead. Know your plan of attack before you step into the gym. Going in with a plan is much more effective than having no idea what you want to accomplish. Before you go to bed, try writing down what you want to accomplish at the gym the next day.

Don’t Get Discouraged. If you are not seeing the results you are looking for right away, do not get discouraged. You may want to see a personal trainer/wellness coach to revamp your exercise program. Also, results take time. Many of the benefits of exercise are not seen in the mirror. You are strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscles. This will lead to a healthier you, as long as you stay consistent!