Residents Voice Complaints About Park Goers


Some homeowners in Genoa Township are taking a stand against park patrons they say are behaving badly. They say the same crowd is consistently causing a nuisance on the basketball courts at Freeman Park and they want something done about it.

"We're so sick of dealing with this every single day. You can't enjoy your yard anymore," says Dwight Pigg.

Pigg's property butts up right next to the park. He says it's the same crowd, anywhere from 12 to 20 people who hit the courts nightly.

"They'll stay sometime for 4, 5, 6 hours, cursing, yelling, fighting," said Pigg.

"They throw their trash on the ground. They throw their water bottles on the ground. They leave clothes. They leave shirts," said neighbor Barb Mathews.

Mathews has a front row seat on her back patio to the commotion.

"I think something should be done with the level that they scream and that they yell, especially most important with the language," said Mathews.

The neighbors say they've talked to the players and tried to contact township trustees.

"We've called the police multiple times, several of us have," said Pigg.
Neighbors say police are good about responding, but they've never witnessed anything crude or criminal. Pigg is rallying the neighbors. They plan to take their concerns to the township meeting Thursday. He says he's contacted the trustees numerous times by phone and email, but has never gotten a response.

"We're also circulating a petition to have the basketball courts removed. Unfortunately, it seems we are to that point, where if the basketball courts are removed, the problem won't come back," said Pigg.

Trustee Rick Carfagno said they haven't spoken directly to Pigg, but have been working with police to determine if there's a problem at the park. They've stepped up patrols, but haven't witnessed any bad behavior. Carfagno said they do take the concern seriously and will look at solutions if there is indeed a problem.