Resident’s Surveillance Camera Catches Thief Stealing Vehicle

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Experience has taught the Stauffer family to keep a close eye on their surroundings – and belongings.

A thief made off with Erica Stauffer’s car parked right outside of her home on Nov. 15.

Stauffer said that she thought her car would be OK if she left it along as it warmed up.

“The car was parked a little bit more up in here,” Stauffer said. “I could see the taillights from my kitchen.”

Surveillance video from the Stauffer’s camera showed that as soon as she went into her house, a woman walked by the car.

Surveillance video captured the woman quietly getting in the car and driving away.
“We hadn’t even made the first car payment on it,” Stauffer said.

The recent theft was not the first time the family has dealt with auto theft.

In February, the same surveillance video captured someone breaking into a pick-up truck parked near the home.

“We were using it to help my sister move, and we had it parked out here, and the cameras got it,” Stauffer said. “It was broad daylight, 1  in the afternoon.”

Stauffer said that the video was clear and helped arrest a person in connection with the theft.

Police arrested 28-year-old Danielle Minkos and charged her in connection with the Nov. 15 theft of Stauffer’s new vehicle. Police said that while searching the vehicle, they found several items that appeared to be stolen, including boxes of cold medication. 

Stauffer said that the experiences have taught her two things – to buy a remote started her her new car and to install more surveillance cameras.

“It’s in the shop right now, as we speak, getting one,” Stauffer said.

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