Residents Scramble For Supplies After Storm


Residents without power were scrambling to stock up on necessary supplies like ice, batteries and generators.

Thousands of people crowded Polaris Fashion Place on Saturday to recharge their phones and computers and beat the heat, 10TV's Chuck Strickler reported.

Candice May said it was challenging getting up in the middle of the night in total darkness to feed her newborn, but she and her parents are making the best of the power outage.

"After we leave here, I'm going to borrow a generator from my buddy to make sure the baby's milk stays nice and cool tonight," said Dave May, whose power is out.

About a third of the mall's businesses remained closed with no electricity on Saturday. One restaurant was forced to shut down and use a refrigerator truck to save its meat, Strickler reported.

Many people were seen loading up on ice.

"I'm headed home to get the generator started, plugging in some fans, have ice and water and food for my wife, and we'll hunker down for the night, hopefully power will be back in the next day or so," Davie Phillips said, whose power is out.

Jack and Korey Mitchell could not find a generator anywhere. They came all the way from Bremen to the Home Depot off Cleveland Ave., waiting all day for a generator, Strickler reported.

"I can't say we wasted the day, 'cause if we don't get electricity, we're going to lose a whole freezer-full of food," Korey Mitchell said.

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