Residents To Pick Up Tab For Those Who Fail To Pay For Trash Collection


COLUMBUS, Ohio- Taxpayers are on the hook for private debts, and that is just the way one central Ohio township wants it.

Franklin Township officials are planning to use tax dollars to pay a trash company for its customers’ overdue bills.

Trustees voted to reimburse the trash company, Local Waste, for township customers who did not pay. According to meeting minutes, the plan was approved 2-1 with little discussion.

The township trustee chairman Tim Guyton said that the payments to Local Waste would be a loan that would be repaid to taxpayers.

The loan was not stated in the resolution that trustees approved.

Watchdog 10 also found that township leaders did not know the costs before approving the payment plan.

Trustee Don Cook, who was the lone dissenting vote, said that the resolution was a waste of money.

Resident Robyn Watkins said that she did not understand why the issue was so important to the township trustees.

“I just think we have other needs,” Watkins said. “We need new roads. Personally, I need a water connection. I think there are other ways to help the residents – to pay off a debt that’s actually an individual resident’s debt is not how township money should be used.”

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