Residents File Lawsuit To End Smell From Landfill


Gary Lang said that on many days he can't enjoy his pool or even cook out on his patio because of a horrible smell, lingering in the air.

"I came out a couple of days ago and it was stinking so bad, I had dry heaves and was throwing up,” said Lang.

Lang and his neighbors said the smell is like rotten eggs, and they claim it comes from gases released by the Tunnel Hill Reclamation Landfill.

The 2,200 acre site outside of New Lexington has been using the railroad and trucks to take waste from out of state and locally since 2005.

In the past year, neighbors have started to complain about the foul, noxious odor that forces them indoors.

More than 130 people have now filed a lawsuit that accuses the company of negligence and recklessness. It claims that the odor has negatively affected their health and properties.

“It's just nasty,” said Lynn Rambo.

Rambo did not join the lawsuit, but said there’s another problem.

"I have trucks that travel this road that lose the garbage along the road and then it's left for me to pick up,” she added.

10TV has also learned that the landfill has been cited dozens of times so far this year by the local health department, and 14 times by the state EPA, for failing to control the odor.

A Tunnel Hill company representative said they are still going through the lawsuit and will not comment about the allegations at this time.

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