Residents File Lawsuit Against Gas Pipeline Company Following SE Ohio Explosion

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Bad welds, shaky land and insufficient inspections were the reasons for an explosion along the Tennessee Gas Pipeline, according to a lawyer who has filed a lawsuit against the company.

Attorney John Lavelle said he has evidence that will prove the company could have done more to prevent the explosion.

“The evidence will show a reasonable inspection would have shown these problems before they developed," said John Lavelle.  "And we don't believe that took place here."   

Last year, 10 Investigates revealed a pattern of explosions that occurred within a few years on Tennessee Gas Pipelines. The company is now owned by Kinder Morgan.

Our investigation revealed concerns about aging "girth welds."

Those were put in place in 40s, 50s and 60s---in some cases before there were even standards.

10 Investigates also uncovered a Tennessee Gas Line report that said land movement and girth welds were a factor in the Glouster explosion.

Residents were disturbed by our findings.

"We were fortunate no one got killed out there. There are sitting ducks out there just waiting for this to happen," said Cathy Sayers.

A Kinder Morgan spokesman declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Previously, the company told 10 Investigates that it did not believe a crack uncovered in a girth weld was the cause of the explosion in Glouster.

Still, Lavelle says he's convinced the company could have taken more precautions to prevent the accident.

He said his clients are still suffering.  

"I don't know if you ever get over the fear factor of hearing that explosion," said Lavelle.