Residents Fight Housing Development


A developer presented a concept plan to develop the Riviera Golf Club in Dublin Tuesday evening.

Riviera Club consists of 168 acres of the Riviera Golf Club.  It sits between Hyland-Croy Road and Avery Road. Deer Run Elementary School is to the north and Dublin Jerome High School is to the south.

The developer, Charlie Ruma, wants to build 284 homes on the golf course.

"I'm not a high falutin' developer coming in to pillage the land," said Ruma.

Ruma stated his case before Dublin's planning and zoning commission.  

He says there's a demand for $500,000 to $900,000 homes and he wants to put a development there.

"Just because it's the last parcel in northwest Dublin to be developed, doesn't mean it should be," said resident Christine Gawronski.

The crowd overflowed into the lobby.  

Residents said "no way" to the plan for a number of reasons.  

The land is currently designated green space.

"The type of housing that we're looking to do here produces the worst fiscal results for the city," said resident Scott McCort.

Residents say the hundreds of extra kids the homes would attract will overcrowd schools and cost taxpayers.

"Going to be stuck with an extra $7500 per home to educate the children,"  said resident  Bob Fathman.

They say the already heavily traveled roads would see a 20 percent increase in cars.

"This development is going to add in more traffic, it's going to cause more problems that we already currently have," said resident Kip Rossler.

Others brought up infrastructure and the cost to put in what will be necessary. 

They pointed to similar subdivisions that have eliminated trees and have numerous plots that are available to build homes. 

This was only the first meeting on this proposed development.

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