Residents Express Frustration With National Spotlight From Rape Case


A judge was considering on Saturday whether the trial of two high school football players should be closed to the public.

Some residents expressed their hopes the rape case would be handled with less national attention being shed on the city of a little more than 18,000 people.

Julian Gillison talked about what he has heard at the barbershop where he works.

"The town is kind of on edge.  They would like to, you know, go ahead and kind of get this taken care of," Gillison said. "They just don't want the bad reputation that can come with anything, you know, that could be associated with this."

A 16 year old has accused two Steubenville High School athletes of sexually assaulting her during a party last August. Several social media posts have provided accounts of the accuser being carried around naked and unconscious.

One woman said her nieces sometimes feel embarrassed because of the alleged crime, and because it has been rumored that authorities tried to cover up involvement of other Steubenville Big Red football players.

"I have my nieces, and they go to school at Big Red," Sonja Tucker said. "And they have told me that, you know sometimes, they wear their jackets out of town. And they feel a little embarrassed because if they wear their jackets, their Big Red jackets, they don't know how people are going to receive them."

While residents wanted the spotlight to fade, they said they did not want it to happen at the expense of justice.

"They will not move on until justice is served," said Ronnie Shockley.

Trent Mays and Malik Richmond have been scheduled to go on trial Feb. 13.

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