Residents On Edge After 7 Fires Burn In Same Lancaster Neighborhood


Police and residents of an east Lancaster neighborhood were working on Friday to prevent arson.

Since June 12, seven fires have been reported in the neighborhood.

Two fires were reported at the home of Penny Jo Stephens, 10TV’s Josh Poland reported.

“I looked in the alley ever half hour last night,” said Stephens. “I just sat in a chair in the living room, because it’s very disconcerting.”

Stephens said that her garage was set on fire twice and was worried that someone might torch it again.

“There’s still a portion they could reset if there’s an accelerant,” Stephens said.

Neighbor James Talucci said that he was worried he would be the next target, Poland reported.

“My concern is that they’re going to hit my house next,” Talucci said. “I mean, you don’t know.”

Lancaster police said that they were in the early stages of their investigation. Investigators said that they found a couple of patterns with the fires – they were all close to each other and the majority were trash fires.

“That’s what our job is – to investigate and find out if the patterns indeed are something that mean something or not,” Lancaster Sgt. Will Tolly said.

Residents said that they would keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

“I’ll just keep being vigilant,” Talucci said. “I talk to my neighbors. I try to keep an eye out for everybody and everything around.”

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