Residents Concerned About Musty City Water


For weeks now, residents from different neighborhoods across Columbus have been complaining of smelly, bad tasting water. Many are wondering if it is even safe to drink.

"It smells like I'm drinking out of my garden hose," said Clintonville resident Antoinette Errante.

Errante describes the water that runs out of every faucet in her house as earthy and moldy.

"It's not just my tap water. It's in my shower, in my laundry," said Errante.

Errante lives in Clintonville. There has been a lot of chatter by neighbors about the water on a community facebook page.

"You have to wonder what's in there, what I'm drinking, I have dogs," said Errante.

That is the concern, but the city says it is fine. They say it is the time of year when the Hoover Reservoir water layers turn over and the algae blooms. They also say there are improvements being made to the Hap Cremean Water Plant.

"I'm not buying this argument that it's this annual or biannual event that happens," said Errante.

Errante has lived in the city for 20 years.

"I've never noticed this before," Errante said.

She and many others think there is something more to this and want answers from the city.

"I've literally lived in war zones that had better water than Columbus, Ohio," said Errante.

According to the water department, the amount of carbon filtration has been upped in the water to try to get rid of the bad taste and smell.

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