Residents Call Columbus Help Center To Report Roads That Aren't Plowed


The snow storm has prompted more than 300 people to call the city's 311 help center in the last 24 hours.

The 311 operators are trying to ease the frustrations of Columbus residents who want their streets clear of snow.

“Frustrated is probably a good word for it. We're not getting to many angry calls, people are just kind of frustrated with it," said Matt Odachowski a 311 operator.

Fifteen operators took 350 calls Wednesday from people who didn't understand what's taking the city so long to plow their street.

“Eighty to 90 percent are snow related calls," he says.

And for those registered complaints the center says it doesn't make the plows move any faster.

“We can't do anything to expedite it we take their concern so we can document it,” said Lois Bruce 311 Service Manager.

Calling 645-3111 does help the city track where problem spots are located.  

That information is transferred to the city's maintenance team where they devise a plan of attack after major roads are cleared.

Until this morning, the city says it couldn't predict when plows would hit residential streets.

They are telling frustrated callers.

“Please be patient as crews worked as quickly to get to those residentials as quickly as possible," said Bruce.

Mayor Michael Coleman met with plow drivers yesterday.

On Thursday the city told 10TV, after listening to angry residents and driving city streets, the mayor ordered the plows to change course, and begin plowing residential streets.
How long it will take before your street is plowed remains unknown, the good news is plows are finally coming.

The 311 center has 15 operators working to handle your concerns.

You call the 645-3111 from 7a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.