Residents Brace For Possible Flooding During Winter Thaw


Whether you live or work near a river like the Muskingum, or along a small creek, this warm up will likely impact you.

River towns have already begun to prepare for the worse, and those who experienced the last flood aren't looking forward to warmer temperatures.
Judy Kane is concerned about a weather warm-up.

"The flooding I mean that scares me to death," she says.

Last July heavy rains in Crooksville flooded her apartment and dozens of others.

"I mean they gave me 5 minutes to get out they had to take me out by boat," she said.

Now with several inches of snow on the ground she fears a rapid warm- up will create an even bigger problem.

She's certain the creek that runs about 50 yards from her apartment will flood again, and again take everything she owns.

"Oh, I lost everything but my TV and my clothes," she says.

In anticipation of flooding, Crooksville's street department is busy clearing snow and ice from storm drains to give the snow melt a place to go.

"We just play it day by day and hope it doesn't warm up too quick," says city worker Mark Dalrymple.
The Jonathan Creek that runs through town is notorious for flooding.

But flooding from the creek isn't this town's only concern.

Crews say a quick thaw could snap water lines underground.

"We're concerned about the water lines we got old water lines we've had a lot of breaks this year already," he says

So as cities prepare for another round of snow and ice followed by potential flooding, the hope is the sun won't melt this snow all at once.

For Crooksville’s Judy Kane the thought of going through another flood is almost hard to imagine.

"Scary, real scary don't want to go through it again," she says.