Rescued Belgian Horse To Help Troubled Children


Franklin County humane agents were able to convince a man to surrender his sick horse, and now the animal is getting a job with children.

Jay is a 15-year-old Belgian horse who weighs nearly a ton and stands roughly seven feet tall.

Mandy Schreiber, director of Equine Partners Unlimited, Inc., rescued Jay a week ago.

Schreiber said Jay's elderly owner could not physically or financially keep up with caring for him but was hesitant to let him go.

Agents with the Capital Area Humane Society were instrumental in his rescue.

"The man understood Jay needed more attention than he could provide, instead of waiting too long for the situation to deteriorate and possibly have Jay suffer," said Kerry Manion, chief agent with the Capital Area Humane Society.

Jay is about 200 pounds underweight and walks with a limp because his back right leg is infected and inflamed.

Shreiber said Jay was also bullied by two stallions at his old home. She said they would constantly kick, chase and bite him in the mouth.

"It's so sad. He's kind of like the big kid who's getting pushed around by the stronger, younger, meaner kids, especially with his leg being the way it is. He's not physically able to defend himself," said Scheiber.

Now, Jay is well on his way to recovery. He's spending his time training with local teenagers to eventually become a therapy horse for troubled children.

"It's a very rewarding feeling at the end of the day knowing they did the right thing and now he's in the best possible world," said Manion.

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