Republicans Sue FitzGerald Over Key Card Swipes

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The Ohio Republican Party has filed a lawsuit against Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ed FitzGerald for failing to release government-issued key cards swipes to determine when he is at his county office, while FitzGerald answers that it's just a political stunt.

"We filed this action in the Supreme Court because it's time to compel Ed FitzGerald to turn over the records to the public that he's owed us for many weeks," said Matt Borges, chairman of the Ohio Republican Party.  "He's stalled and decided that he didn't want to turn over records he's terrified of, but being terrified isn't an excuse for not turning them over."

Borges says he wants the high court to demand that FitzGerald release the key-card information based on public information.

The ORP lawsuit claims FitzGerald is violating Ohio’s public records law.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has also sought the records, but was denied on security grounds.

"This is a guy who when he announced for governor said that he was going to make transparency the cornerstone of his campaign but he's been anything but," said Borges.  "We're talking about records of where he was a year ago, two years ago.  How that is a security concern, I fail to understand."

FitzGerald says the lawsuit is just a highly politicized gimmick in an election year and the issue is about security.

"This is a sensitive security issue that should be above politics," said FitzGerald.  "This is a strategic move on their part to try to take something like transparency, where they've had a very checkered record and make it political."

FitzGerald says he's just doing what his security team has recommended.

"There have been time periods where the governor has actually not released his schedule for long periods of time citing security concerns," said FitzGerald.  "We both have staffs and a security apparatus that take that seriously."

The key-card data has been released in the past by other Cuyahoga County officials.