Report Exposes Problems at Animal Shelter

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The Logan County animal shelter is working to correct serious problems that led to dogs dying.

The Top Of Ohio Pet Shelter, the county's animal shelter, is under new management. Officials say it is overcrowded and they want to scale back the population through adoption and not euthanasia.

The shelter enlisted help from the  former Union County Humane Society director to come up with an action plan to correct the shelter's problems.

Steffen Baldwin addressed the allegations at the shelter which included nepotism, fiscal mismanagement, and forgery of documents for drugs.

Staff members are already seeing the action plan work. Changes are happening.

"It's so much cleaner in here. It's so much," Baldwin said.

Animal expert Steffen Baldwin says conditions here are much better than they were just weeks ago.

"It's just like night and day here. It's really amazing," Baldwin said.

He says those newly in-charge of Logan county's humane shelter, called Top Of Ohio Pet Shelter, called him in because they knew they were in trouble.

"It was pretty overwhelming to come in with 100 dogs. The place was in bad need of repair," said executive director of the shelter, Gail Friend.

"I'll be honest. I told the board this very clearly, I said, if I came to a private residence, and it had been raining all day, and there were dogs tied up with absolutely no shelter. I would take the dogs and I would file animal cruelty charges and this is a humane society. It's a shelter. This should not be happening," Baldwin said.

Baldwin came up with a list of necessary changes for the shelter.

The first change was their method of euthanasia.

"If it's administered improperly, thru people who are trained the proper way, the animals can suffer considerably," Baldwin said.

Baldwin encouraged them to have a vet on-site instead of the one-and-a-half hours they *were driving, for pet-care.

The shelter is overcrowded. There are 150 pets under one roof. There is a need for more space.

The changes are dependent on donor trust.

"We have a lot of really good animals here that would just love you to death. We just need more people to come in and donate and volunteer and help us get these animals to loving homes," Friend said.

The shelter is also implementing back ground checks after a sex offender was hired years ago to work there.