Relatives, Police Question Why Homicide Went Unnoticed

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Authorities are looking for the man who killed 64-year-old Timothy Daso, but his relatives have questions about why the investigation did not begin earlier.

Daso was found dead in his Marion home two days after police said he was attacked and beaten in a bar parking lot.

Jeanette Dickerson remembers her brother as likeable and lighthearted.

“He was known for his grin, and laughing, smiling and dancing. He liked to get up and shake his little tootsie,” said Dickerson.

She said that is what makes the violence surrounding his death so much harder to take. She found his body last Tuesday.

“He was ice cold. I grabbed his little cheeks and said wake up, wake up, but he wouldn't wake up,” she said.

Tim had last been seen two nights earlier, St Patrick's Day, at the Towne House Tavern in Marion.

Unaware of what had happened at the bar, Dickerson assumed her brother’s death to be natural, despite visible injuries to his face.

"I seen a few scratches on his face and there was blood dripping down here that was all dried up,” she said.

The Marion Fire Department said based on his age and his health problems, medics made the same assumption.

"They'll gather as much information as they can before they make the phone call to the coroner. They'll talk to him personally, give him the information, and then it's his call as to whether I want to come evaluate the body, or let’s call police, look at this,” said Lt. Wade Ralph of the Marion Fire Department.

In this case, the coroner released the body to the funeral home without responding to the scene.

It was only after Jeanette heard that her brother had been attacked at the bar that night, that she called police.

They went to the funeral home, and say they quickly spotted the signs of an assault.

“It was clear that he had some outward types of injuries, scratches to the face, a black spot under his eye,” said Major Bill Collins of the Marion Police Department.

They ordered an autopsy, which confirmed Daso had died of blunt force trauma. That’s a fact that was nearly buried with him.    

"Certainly, we have questions about why when, normally, we would get called we didn't get called that day, and that's part of the investigation we're trying to figure out,” said Collins.

Fire officials say they followed procedure, and went with the facts they had at the time.

"It’s just unfortunate that they came together, it wasn't too late, but it's scary to know that that almost slipped through and that somebody could've gotten away with hurting this guy,” said Ralph.

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