Relatives Of Alleged Abuse Victims Scream At Woman On Trial


Emotions ran high in court on Wednesday as a woman who ran a childcare service from her north side home faced charges that she was abusing children in her care.

Gianna Cochran was charged with 18 misdemeanor and felony counts of physical abuse of children, 10TV's Joanna Freeman reported.

Police arrested Cochran in February 2010 after recordings taken from a "nanny camera" allegedly showed her abusing children.

Several family members made outbursts during the trial as they watched the footage.

Valerie Jones said that she could barely watch the video of her granddaughter while in Cochran's care.

"Anybody who could suffocate a baby who is 18 months old, on at least four separate occasions, should be in jail for murder, not us here trying to decide whether it's a misdemeanor or felony count," Jones said. "Thank God for the video camera or there would have been children who were dead in that house and if she doesn't go to jail there will be children who die in her hands."

Investigators said the alleged abuse happened inside Cochran's north side apartment and involved at least five children between 2 months old and 8 years old.

On Wednesday, detectives testified about the alleged abuse.

"It was the worst case of abuse that I've seen," said Columbus police Detective Richard Moore.

After her arrest in 2010, Cochran's live-in boyfriend said that he was suspicious about his own daughter and bought the camera to catch the alleged crimes on tape, 10TV News reported.

Last year, other parents told 10TV News that they suspected Cochran after reporting red marks and blotchiness on their daughter's face.

Cochran's trial was expected to continue on Thursday.

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