Registration Opens for the American Heart Association’s Central Ohio Heart Walk


Cathy Hulse says that she’ll be at the Heart Walk supporting her own heart health and other people’s is important to her.

Choosing to walk has many benefits.

“I think if they could do that to start out, they'd see how much fun walking is. How good they feel after it,” says Hulse.

Years ago, a physician recommended that she walk for exercise, because heart diseases runs in her family.

"And the doctor told me I was a very good candidate for it because I was diabetic, had hypertension, overweight and cholesterol,” says Hulse.

Hulse began on a treadmill, then graduated to 5k’s and half marathons, and even hiked a famous trail in Spain. 

“My blood pressure is good, my labs are good, my weight's good, still some to lose, but he says I'm very healthy,” informs Hulse.

The money raised for heart disease research could ultimately help you or someone in your family.

“We have survivors who have reduced their risk, prevented risk for a first or secondary event,” says Brianne Harman,American Heart Association Spokesperson.

Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans.