Records Show Troubled Relationship Between Man And Father He Confessed To Killing

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10TV has uncovered new information about the troubled relation between a father and son. The son, Paul Robert Jr. confessed to killing his father in a jailhouse interview with 10TV's Glenn McEntyre.

Family and friends say Paul Roberts Senior endured years of abuse and mistreatment at the hands of his drug-addicted son.

10TV uncovered court records to prove it.
From the front porch of her Glouster home, Peggy Gatchel can't help but see the home of Paul Roberts Senior.

"He was just a good neighbor," she said. "Didn't bother nobody. Working man."

Two nights earlier, the home of her friend since high school was overtaken by emergency workers.

They cut away a porch to reach the cistern where his body had been dumped.

Peggy says it's a sickening image she can't shake.

"It's like every time you walk out you think 'Oh my God, Paul was down there under the porch.'"

She remembers talking to Roberts about his struggles with his son.

"He was just at his wit's end. You know, he'd done everything he could to help his boy."

Gatchel said when Paul Senior would go to the hospital for health troubles, he'd return to find his home cleared out by his son.

She said he would turn him away, then let him back in.

"His son come and said the doctors had told him that he just had a few months to live. And he felt sorry for him and let him back in," she said. "He said that was just another lie."
Court records obtained by 10TV detail Paul Roberts Junior's list of crimes against his father. It includes identity fraud, forgery, grand theft of his Harley Davidson, theft of a television, washer and dryer, and a lawn mower.

In August, Roberts pleaded guilty to five felony charges. His father was the victim of four of them.

"It was all for my drug habit. All to buy heroin," Paul Roberts Junior told 10TV in an exclusive jailhouse interview.

On October 2, his wife Rhonda Degarmore was sentenced for stealing guns from her father-in-law.

It was two days later that Roberts says he killed his father during an argument over his wife.

Asked by 10tv what should happen to him, he answered, "Death. I don't deserve to live. Not another day. If they could come in right now and hook me up and hang me, shoot me, inject me, whatever, I'd sign whatever waivers I could. I don't deserve to draw another breath. I don't."