Record Chillicothe Meth Bust Nets 30 Pots, 3 Arrests

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The latest meth lab bust in Chillicothe is also the largest in city history.

10TV news cameras were there as the hazardous materials team removed between 30 and 40 'one-pot' meth labs from this home on North Rose Street.

When police executed what they call a "no knock" warrant -- they tell us they found three suspects -- actively making the drug inside.

"Of course being in a residential neighborhood, the houses are in a very close proximity to one another, and with the explosion hazard. It's a very dangerous situation," said Public Information Officer Bud Lytle.

Ashlee Scott lives right next door. She worries about what neighbors will be left with long after the HAZMAT teams leave.

"Very much so... I have kids that come and visit," said Scott. "So, yes... very, very scary."

This morning's bust comes just two days after a meth lab bust at a house on East Second Street and a heroin bust last night on Akron Street. In that case, a four-year-old was in the home at the time.

"I think every city is seeing these kind of problems. It comes with the economy. So, we've got to do our part to get it out of the city, and keep our citizens safe," said Mayor Jack Everson.

Hanna Bean, 26, Anthony Hart, 34, and Michael Lemming, 28, are charged with possession of chemicals used to manufacture drugs, with more charges pending.

Chillicothe Police removed several bags full of old labs from the home, mostly plastic bottles. It's the most they've recovered from one scene.

Neighbors are still in disbelief about the threat that was hiding in plain sight, just behind closed doors.

"It's craziness to even think that something like that would happen, especially when there's other kids around here, too," Scott said.

The Chillicothe Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials Team was called to the scene to neutralize chemicals.

No injuries were reported.

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