Rat Snake That Ate Golf Ball Undergoes Surgery

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The Ohio Wildlife Center is helping rehabilitate a Black rat snake that accidentally ate a golf ball.

OWC officials said that a resident brought in an adult Eastern Black rat snake she found in a park in Blacklick on Friday afternoon. It had a large lump in its stomach.

Radiographs showed that it was a Top Flight golf ball.

Veterinarians surgically removed the golf ball on Saturday.

The snake currently is on pain medication and will remain in rehab until its sutures can be removed in a few weeks.

The Black rat snake is Ohio’s largest species and can grow to lengths of 7 or 8 feet and live 20 or more years.

They generally eat small animals and insects and raid nests to eat eggs.

Those who find injured or ill native wildlife can contact the Ohio Wildlife Center at 614-793-WILD (9453).

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