Rash of Car Break-Ins in Groveport


Nine cars were broken into in one week in a Groveport neighborhood.

Electrician Aaron Williams had just put his lunch in his work van when he realized something was up.

"I came back around and something just wasn't right.  I went back to my work van, opened it up and seen my tools were gone,"  said Williams.

"It's been frustrating because the tools I feel I need I don't have right now,"  said Williams.

But building that collection again takes time.  While Aaron's frustrated, he's not alone.  There are victims dotted up and down his and surrounding streets in the Founders and Hickory Grove neighborhoods.

"I came out and I looked at the handle and I saw that it was broke,"  said Dejanique Carr-Jones.  "Then I opened it and I saw that the wires were hanging right here."

A closer look and Dejanique Carr-Jones found 3 pairs of brand new shoes gone and money stolen from her sister's purse.

"Everything was poured out on the floor," said Carr-Jones.

When she found out she was just one of several people targeted, Carr-Jones had a message for the thieves.

"You should take your time, have the money and go get it yourself, not steal from other people because they work hard for their things,"  said Carr-Jones.

Police say about $5000 worth of valuables has been stolen so far.  They are increasing patrols in the area.

Police are asking anyone who may have seen or heard anything suspicious during those hours to call them at 614-830-2060.