Raising Your Home's I-Q


The "Smart Home" is the latest in home security and management. It is now on display at the Columbus Dispatch Home and Garden Show.

The “Smart House” gives a whole new meaning to the flip of a switch.

By using a computer, tablet or smartphone, one can remotely access and control virtually every inch of the 900 square feet house.

Lowe’s Assistant Store Manager, Kevin Verbryke, said, “So everything communicates with the centralized hub, which we have located up here on top of this bookcase. That's essentially the brain for the whole home.”

The home features a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and entertainment area. These rooms were constructed and are on display inside the Ohio Expo Center.

Things such as adjusting the thermostat, turning on the fireplace, or turning down the blinds are all controlled using Lowe's exclusive new "Iris" system.

Verbryke went on to explain, “They want to have the convenience of being able to monitor their homes and get alerts as to what's happening in their home, while they're not there.”

The house allows its owner to virtually check on family members and pets in real time, using one of three kits: safe and secure, comfort and control or the smart kit, which ranges in price from $179 to $299 dollars.

Verbryke described the smart kit, “It's very simple to set up. It's all wireless; it runs through your Wi-Fi network within your home.  You set it up with a laptop or MacBook something like that, and it's actually quite simple just to pare all the devices to your hub”.

One simply has to look for certain symbols throughout the home; the light bulb denotes an innovate product, the gear switch means it’s compatible with the "Iris" system.

The appealing part is that all of it is customizable for your home, at your convenience.

"It's really about making the home more secure for you, making it more comfortable, and making it all automated,  and combining it into one special function; That you can control from anywhere, really in the world,” said Verbryke.

Lowe's will donate all of the building materials used to construct the home, such as the drywall, ceiling and flooring, to Habitat for Humanity at the conclusion of the show.

You can see the full Columbus Dispatch Home and Garden show through March 2nd at the Ohio Expo.



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