Radio Show Suspended After DJ Sends Controversial Tweet About Steubenville Rape Case


A campus DJ at the University of Toledo is off the air after he sent a controversial Tweet on Twitter about the victim in the Steubenville rape case.

On Sunday, WXUT's Jimmy Momenee posted "disgusting outcome on #steubenville trial. remember kids, if you're drunk at a party, and embarrassed later, just say you got raped!"

The tweet was later removed, and Momenee tried to clear up what he meant.

It ended up on the website "Public Shame" and drew criticism from students on campus.

Momenee has since apologized for the tweet and voluntarily suspended his radio show.

The university released a statement saying Momenee's remarks are "revolting and directly contradict the values of the University of Toledo. Mr. Momenee is learning a difficult lesson about the power of social media and the consequences that come with the words we choose."

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