Questions Surface After Obetz Village Administrator Was Hired Without Interviewing Other Candidates

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Questions have surfaced about the way the Village of Obetz went about hiring its current village administrator.

It's a six-figure job that was given to the former mayor without interviewing any other candidates, according to the current administrator, Rod Davisson.

Eighteen people applied for the job, and many were well qualified.

Applicants for the position included a current city administrator, a county administrator, a deputy city manager - and a handful of lawyers.

Rod Davisson is just three months into the job he desperately wanted. He served as mayor of the village for nine years in a part-time capacity.

"It's an easy answer. My heart's in the village. I've lived here. Grown up here. My friends are here," he said.

As village administrator, Davisson is responsible for day-to-day operations.

"When the opportunity came and the village advertised for an administrator I talked to my wife and I said I really think I could do a lot of good for this town if I was there full time," he said.

But some critics are questioning the process by which he was hired.

The village charter gives the mayor the sole discretion to appoint an administrator. While the village isn't required to post the job, newspaper ads were placed in November.

Eighteen people applied, but no interviews were held, Davisson said.

Davisson got the job and the 10-year contract that pays him more than $150,000 a year.

In addition to serving as village administrator, Davisson is its safety director, utilities director and economic development director.

He denies that he cut a deal for these jobs before leaving his post as mayor.

“But the insinuation or allegation is baseless and it's offensive to me,” he said. "I never had a single conversation at any point in time whatsoever with anybody in the village regarding taking this job.  In fact the night I resigned, the mayor said he thought he was going to have a heart attack because he was the president pro tem at the time.”

Davisson's resignation that night turned councilman Greg Scott in to Mayor Scott. Ultimately, Scott's the one who offered Davisson the administrator job.

Scott said he was too busy for an interview with 10TV, and said he would only do an interview is he was paid $80 an hour for his time. 10TV News does not pay for interviews.

Davisson insists everything about his hiring was above reproach, and blames disgruntled employees for the criticism.

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