Puppy Dies After Mother Poisoned With Antifreeze

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A six-day-old puppy dies and its owners think it was caused by the antifreeze that someone used to poison the mother dog and 17 others.

The surviving dogs have been released from the vet after someone poisoned them last month, but the lasting effect of the poison continues.

Blue Ribbon Labradors is a family owned business. They breed the dogs to help guide the blind.

Some dogs are sold, some are donated, and one went to a wounded veteran.

It was brutally painful for those who came the rescue after they found more than a dozen of them poisoned.

"She's even had a hard time sleeping. Like yesterday, she didn't sleep all day. I had to stand here and pet her like this to get her to go to sleep after her first, the baby died. Her first puppy," said Michelle Wood with Blue Ribbon Labradors.

Like any mother, the bond to a newborn is strong. Michelle Wood said only now is she realizing how strong the bond is for her Labrador, Cassie.

"We've never seen anything like this, ever. She just, um, kind of like a human, I guess. And a lot of people say they don't have feelings, but they do," said Wood, in tears.

Less than a month ago, Wood says someone poisoned 18 of her dogs at Blue Ribbon Labradors. She said blood work showed they were poisoned by antifreeze.

At the time, Cassie was pregnant. She and her three remaining pups are still healing, as well as the rest of the adult dogs.

All of the dogs are currently being kept inside. They're only being let outside one at a time. They say they're monitoring everything the dogs put in their bodies. That includes their daily water and their food.

"So, here's where the rest of the dogs were," said Blue Ribbon Labradors owner, Don Butts.

Wood's father, Don Butts, showed 10TV the kennel where the dogs used to live. They're now empty cages.

"It's hard to imagine anybody would do this. I mean, these dogs haven't hurt anybody," said Butts.

The Licking County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with information on this poisoning to come forward.

A reward of $1,000 is being offered for an arrest & conviction.

The organization says donations to pay for the medical bills can be made at any Park National Bank in Newark or Heath in care of Blue Ribbon Labs.