Protesters Gather In Steubenville As City Offers Rape Investigation Information Online

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Hundreds of protesters gathered outside of the Jefferson County Courthouse in Steubenville on Saturday around noon.

They chanted “Justice For Jane Doe” and “Shame On You”.

The rally attendees said they were there to support an alleged high school rape victim whose case is now a national topic.

“This could be my daughter, your daughter, anybody’s daughter. This is for our daughters,” said Becky Weaver.

The case has been fueled by social media and brought out protesters who said they are determined to keep this case in the spotlight.

“I’m streaming it live… Rosanne has got it on her site as well,” said one person identifying himself as White Kid Tatted.

About an hour before the protest, city officials in Steubenville held their own news conference to discuss continued concerns. They said they wanted to address the way the community is being perceived and their handling of the case.

"These things that are being said on the internet, there's a lot of accusations out there, bring me something that we can investigate and prove that this happened. People can say anything they want on the internet. To take anything to a court of law you have to evidence to prosecute that case,” said Steubenville Police Chief William McCafferty.

The city announced the creation of a new website so that they can share their information about the case.

The national attention drew people like Shane Murphy who travelled from New Jersey to be part of the rally.

“We just feel that we need to be a voice for someone who doesn't have a voice. They're covering something up here, it has to be taken care of,” said Murphy.

A sentiment the crowd outside of the court house echoed loudly.

“It could happen at any school. It doesn't have to just be Big Red, it could be my school where I'm from, or the schools down the river, up the river, up on the hill; any school this could happen at,” said Weaver.

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