Protesters Demand Release of Video Following Police Shooting

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While the debate continues in Ferguson, Missouri, a rally for justice in Columbus regarding another officer-involved shooting.

Police shot and killed John Crawford inside a Beavercreek Walmart after he was holding an air rifle.

The Ohio Student Association spoke loudly outside Attorney General Mike DeWine's office, hoping their message would be heard.

"Now there's footage of his murder but that footage ain't being released," said a protestor.

They chanted for the release of the video of what happened inside the Walmart. Crawford was holding an air rifle in the store. Police wound up shooting and killing him.

"The fact that it's not being released leads people to believe that something really terrible that shouldn't have happened did," said OSA member Alwiyah Shariff.

Very little has come out as to exactly what prompted Crawford's shooting. The group wants to know the why.

"What we want today is just answers, we want to know what happened, why the officers felt the need to use deadly force," said organizer Marshawn McCarrel.

But the issue here goes beyond John Crawford. They said prayers for many who've lost their lives the same way, called for the violence to end and for a closer look at the actions of officers.

"More police accountability when it comes to shootings like this. I want to see harsher punishments for police," said Shariff.

The group took a letter into Mike DeWine's office asking for the video. They say they haven't gotten a response.