'Pro' Thieves Brave Live Wires To Take 850 Feet Of Copper Wire

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Police are telling business owners it is becoming more than just your typical every day thief stealing wires and tubing from vacant homes and air conditioners.

Craig Frazier, owner of the Nike Business Park, said that thieves pulled up to a transformer, feeding power to about a dozen of his buildings off of Hilliard-Rome Road.

"They literally took cable cutters and cut the copper in half," Frazier said. "Then they hooked a truck up and chain to the longer portions that were running under the ground and literally drug all that out of the conduit from underneath the ground."

The crooks got away with about 850 feet of wire.

Frazier said that the thieves cleverly avoided security cameras before cutting off power to commit the heist.

AEP confirmed that they are seeing more professional jobs throughout central Ohio. Workers told Frazier these thieves probably cased out the area for a month.

"He said that they knew all the operations on all the tenants everything about the place," Frazier said.

Frazier said that the thieves were lucky to leave with their lives.

"The wires were live," He said. "These people don't understand the risk that they're taking."

AEP officials said that they hope by switching out to less valuable copper clad wiring, thieves will stop and businesses can worry less.

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