Presidential Campaigns Reject Law Enforcement’s Request For Funds


Watchdog 10 has learned that the presidential campaigns are ignoring the Franklin County Sheriff's request for a reimbursement to cover security costs.

As President Obama and Mitt Romney repeatedly visit Ohio, Watchdog 10 reported that reimbursements to taxpayers probably won't follow.

In September, WBNS-10TV reported that Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott invoiced the campaigns to recover overtime and other security costs.

"It's pretty difficult on the local economy that we have to bear the cost. Especially you know, when the state's cutting funding, the fed's cutting funding," said Scott at that time.

Since then, the campaigns have come to Ohio 14 more times, according to an Ohio Highway Patrol document.  The Obama campaign three times and the Romney campaign 11.

The sheriff said his bill alone runs about $115,000 so far, and when you add up the state patrol, city of Columbus and everyone else paying for security - the bill is likely to end up much, much higher.

Still, the Obama campaign has not even responded to the sheriff's request.

The Romney campaign sent back a letter declining to pay. The letter said that the U.S. Secret Service is responsible for the cost.

On the streets of Columbus, the pile of bills upsets the very people the candidates are trying to impress.

"Whether the Secret Service is organizing it or not, when the president comes to campaign, it's pretty obvious what the purpose is," said one resident.

"I think that's ridiculous. It doesn't seem like either man has had any problem raising money," added another.

"Instead of 14 commercials during my local news show, they could cut some of that," said another.

You can bet taxpayers are going to continue to get these bills.

The president is expected to arrive at Ohio University on Wednesday.

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