Presidential Campaign Stops Keep Costing Cities, Taxpayers


Mitt Romney made a two hour campaign stop in Westerville on Wednesday, and it came at a big price for the city.

Westerville Police Lieutenant Jeff Gaylor said it cost his department $18,500 to provide protection for the candidate. Gaylor said about half of that comes from overtime and extra staff.

Westerville is not alone.

As Watchdog 10 first reported, the cost for both candidates to repeatedly visit is running up a tab in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for central Ohio taxpayers.

The secret service requests extra support because it doesn't have the budget to pay for it all.

Meanwhile, the campaigns have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for advertisements.

That's why Franklin County's sheriff sent bills to both candidates following 10TV’s first story on campaign stop costs. Gaylor said, for now, he has no plans to send his own invoice.

“That's an area that we've never broached. It's our goal that the event goes off safely and smoothly and we create as little disruption as possible for the citizens of Westerville and that's we get involved,” added Gaylor.
Not to be outdone, President Obama is expected to be back in the Columbus area within the next week.

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