Prepping Vehicle Before Storm Can Save Time, Keep You Safe

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As the winter storm starts to make its way into Central Ohio, you can take some steps to protect your car so you can get out easier on Wednesday.

There's still some time to safely get to the store, if you know you're going to need to drive tomorrow and want to make sure you are prepared.

One of the most important products that you can buy is a de-icer for your locks, so you can get in your car and not break your keys. All you have to do is buy a little tube and simply squirt it into the keyhole.

You can also purchase a spray bottle of snow and ice repellant to keep the elements from building up under your car overnight. You can just spray it under your tires so you can get out easier. And, you can use it around the outside of your house as well.

As always, make sure you top off antifreeze, gas and windshield wiper fluid. You can also purchase special fluid that has deicer added to it. It may work faster to melt any ice that is on your windshield. Just spray it on and wait 15 seconds before running your wipers.