Power Restored To Many After Storms


American Electric Power said that one of the hardest hit areas from last week's storms now has power again.

Hamilton Road was a disaster area when power lines came down on cars, trapping drivers.

For a week, power crews worked to replace damaged poles one-by-one.

By late Saturday, the work was done and power crews flipped the switch.

For businesses and people who live in the area, it couldn't come soon enough.

Jackie Stump's flowers outside her condo remained bright and colorful.

She neglected them after she left to seek shelter when the power went out last week.

"Somebody watered them," said Stump. "I thought the lights would come back one in about an hour or two, and then for seven days, it hadn't come on. You had you had to go somewhere. It's too hot."

Stump stayed at her son's home all week, but returned Saturday after she got a call from one of her neighbors.

"She said, ‘Our power's on.,’ I said, 'Oh, good.'"

The relief was thanks for American Electric Power crews who worked overtime along the stretch of Hamilton Road.

They replaced broken wooden poles with metal ones and fixed the snapped lines.

By early Saturday evening, the job was finished, and the road, which was blocked for days, was back open.

It was also good news for local businesses.

Many of them, like Hamilton's Pub and Patio, were in the dark for more than a week.

"I live in Dublin. I drove out here almost every day to check and see if the power was back on, praying and hoping," said Jesse Hopp, a manager at one of the businesses.

"All day people have been calling, thanking us for being open. They have somewhere to go. It's great to see everyone's faces as they're coming here," said Hopp.

Hopp says her business will make up the long week of lost revenue as long as the power stays on.

Across the street at Jackie's condo, it was a comforting site in her backyard. The air conditioning unit was finally working and cool air filled her home.

"it's really good, really good, not having it all week, it's really good!"

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