Power Outages Reach Day 9 For Some


Frustration was at a high Sunday for some Ohioans who have gone without power for nine days.

Some Newark residents resorted to homemade pleas to American Electric Power with arrows pointing to their neighborhoods.

Power crews said they were making progress in the widespread outage from the June 29 thunderstorms.

AEP said by 4:30 p.m., it was down to about 31,000 customers who still did not have electricity, down from 660-thousand at the height of the outages a little over a week ago.

Most of the outages Sunday were located in the hard-hit counties of Athens, Guernsey, Licking and Muskingum.

John West of Newark said he was concerned about the length of time without power because of his diabetic daughter.

"We have no way of keeping her insulin cold and we can't find ice," West said. "Everywhere is sold out of ice. It's been rough."

Much of Licking County's power had been restored, but powerless pockets remained Sunday afternoon.

"They keep saying it's supposed to be restored tonight, but I'm not sure, I'm not going to hold my breath," said Janet Kimall who lives in Newark.

AEP said crews continued to work 16 hour shifts and has projected power restoration to all of Newark by midnight Sunday.

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